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Overview   Looking for new, innovative stories to read and follow? Look no further! Yom A. Rahznah is a rising up and coming author who emphasizes smooth pacing, insightainment, and has a very easy to follow writing style in his works. Here you will find an overview of all the exciting stories that have been authored by him.   Fluctsonas is a full-length, sci-fi, romance novel series. […]

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Good Dayvening, everyone! Todaight we present to you the Official Yommunity YouTube channel! Featuring fun, witty Textshards videos, and coming very soon, insightainment-focused story shows! Videos are also broadcast on the official Yommunity Facebook page, and Dailymotion. What do you mean by Todaight and Dayvening? In today’s age, we are connected with people from all over the globe across many different time zones. Have you ever had not […]

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Feeling noharilous? Turn that terrible haircut into an awesome advantage.

Consider this. You’ve got an important job interview lined up for later in the day. You’re doing everything you can to prepare and spruce yourself up…but there’s one last thing you need to do: Get a haircut. So that’s what you do. As you’re wrapped in a barber cloth, you tell your barber exactly what you’d like. Maybe you were a little too specific this time, but […]

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Don’t feel drazzlent. Turn the sudden end of a situation into a fruitful beginning!

Everything is coming to an end. You don’t know what lies beyond a particular life horizon, but you know when it comes to an end, it’s going to be strange. The end of something sudden, habitual, or otherwise in your life can and will lead to a fruitful beginning, but you must search for and discover it in your own, positive and unique way. Let […]

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When holding in a sneeze goes wrong. Enter the Slussif.

Have you ever been in a library-quiet situation and had to sneeze but didn’t want to disturb others? Need to let out a sneeze but don’t want to reach for a Kleenex? Worried about spreading your germs too far and away? We’ve all been there, and that’s where the slussif comes in! However, holding in a sneeze can be risky. So what is a slussif […]

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Yo!mmunity, or Yommunity, is an Insightainment brand.

Insightainment is simply entertainment that is infused with insight. Content provided by Yo!mmunity such as videos, stories, blog posts, etc. fall under the category pure entertainment, pure insight, or a mixture of both (Insightainment). The content that Yo!mmunity provides embodies some or all of the following principles: positivity, unity, empowerment, and humor. The brand was founded by Gregory Smith aka Yom A. Rahznah.

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